Special Needs

As always, all children are welcome in all Adventures in Music classes.  If you are interested in working with a music therapist specifically trained in teaching non-musical skills through the motivation of music-based learning, information about that opportunity can be found at www.TunefulTeaching.com.

music class special needs

Special needs music classes are available for children ages 1 – 18 years and will be tailored to meet the needs of the participants.  The following class has been offered previously in collaboration with AIM and will be scheduled if there is interest:

Learning Through Song – Music For Special Needs:

Children and parents will have a ton of fun while learning both musical and non-musical skills. Taught by a music therapist trained in adapting for a variety of ability levels, this class will target cognitive, physical, and language development. Social interaction and turn taking will be structured through a multi-sensory approach. This is extremely fun and highly motivating. Siblings and typically developing peers are welcome. They will be provided with opportunities for skill development in addition to being given the opportunity to serve as a peer model and a teacher assistant.